Wealthy Nation Life Arena (Global House of Wealth) is a ministry set-up by GOD through his James Godfrey (President WNA). The ministry commenced on the 4th of November 2018 in Atalanta Georgia United States of America, with a mandate by God to share the wealthy life of Christ to the World and also to reach out to the unreached in our society and generation, by dividing the word of truth, we hope to inspire the world into a deeper sense of purpose and walk with Jesus Christ and these we achieve through our weekly and monthly services (upgrade conference supernatural prayers and outreaches)

Here in wealthy Nation we are a kingdom Giants manifest the Wealthy life of Christ. This is home for you as we have a conducive environment for you to flourish and become all that God purpose for you.

We are glad to welcome you to wealthy Nation Life Arena(WNA) WELCOME HOME.

OUR VISION is very simple, to share the Wealthy life of Jesus Christ to the world

OUR MISSION: we are sent to reach out to the unreached in our society and generation and also for everyone to be inspired into a deeper sense of purpose and walk with Jesus Christ.

What We Believe

Our doctrines and beliefs are rooted in the infallible word of God from which all wealth - physical and spiritual flow from.


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Pastor James Godfrey


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Pastor Sarah Jhonson

Church Growth Director

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Pastor William Anderson

Outreach Director

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