Partnership is not simply working together; it is collaborating on something both sides care about and can’t do alone.

The word "partnership" is derived from the Latin word for "portion." In partnership, we share a portion with each other. Implementing our programs through church-driven child development centers allows each of us to achieve a shared, mutually desired vision that cannot be reached by either of us alone. It creates a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship for the purpose of releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name, beyond the capacity of either of us individually.

Our church partnerships, founded on our identity in Christ, produce visible transformation and outcomes. Through our commitment to one another, and in relationship, we reveal the face of God to the world and advance His kingdom.


Partners help, empower, and serve each other to enrich their shared ministry.

We do all of our work through local churches because we desire to equip the Church to fulfill its role as salt and light in the world, and because local churches are catalysts for community change. Local churches are best suited to address the needs of the children in their communities because the churches are already located and involved in the communities.

The Church's ability to create a stable, nurturing environment where children experience God's love and acceptance in tangible ways is unequaled. Only the local church can effectively deliver the Jesus-based teaching and whole-life care that children in poverty deserve. Our local church partners contextualize our holistic child development model to the various needs of the children in their communities to best deliver the whole-life care that the children in their communities most need.